Michelle Nagawa officially releases her masterpiece book ‘Master Of Your Future’

Michelle Nagawa officially releases her masterpiece book ‘Master Of Your Future’

On 18th December, 2020, writer and young leader Michelle Nagawa made a firm statement in releasing her new book, ‘Master of Your Future’.

‘Master of Your Future’ is a blueprint for young people living in the 21st Century-a reminder that whatever we want, need, or aspire to pursue life’s journey; is entirely on us. We are the puppet masters and what we say goes. It focuses on self-growth and development and digs deeper on the important yet hardly remembered concepts that this journey starts with you. Using stories and experiences of both the writer and fellow young people, light is shone on the fact that we can do this if others have. Michelle crafts a process that we all need to take because this is not a one day’s transformation but rather a step by step daily improvement trail. This is a book of hope, hard work, and optimism. You will be challenged to go back to the beginning and understand what your vision is and what you stand for. It is a stepping stone for all of us that have found most aspects of life complex. They have been disseminated in an easy guide and this is a classic to be shared by generations to come.

Michelle Nagawa is a young passionate leader and a great advocate for youth involvement in community empowerment. Michelle works hard in her community to empower young people and lead them on the path of self-development, personal growth, and realizing their potential. As a young lady herself, she believes that sharing our experiences and knowledge as young people to pursue the change we want will help us yield the positive and sustainable results we are looking for as we aim to be change-makers.

https://ugandanladysurveyor1.wordpress.com/To book or order a copy, please use the following contact details;

+256780025615 / +256750025615


And follow the writer on the following platforms;

Twitter: MichyN123

Instagram: ugandanladysurveyor

Facebook: Nagawa Michelle Ssekiziyivu 165

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Okot Olaa

Okot Olaa(LLB) is a young leader. Co-founder of the Economic Misfit and ED, World Leaders of Today, Uganda (WLT).

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    I ought to get a copy of this well described book .. happy to engage

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    Congratulations Mitchell… Hoping to get the book sometime next year.

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