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Unraveling the Evergreen Ship legal conundrum

The recent crisis in the Suez Canal involving the Evergreen Vessel has raised concerns about it's impact on global trade. The vessel that was sailing...

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Kampala Based Legal Tech Firm Impartial World Launch App to Ease Your Access to Lawyers

Kampala: Impartial World on 29th October 2020 launched its mobile application/website platforms. The Impartial App is a legal tech product offering professional legal services...



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Why You Must Hire An Expensive Corporate Lawyer

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur .” There is a certain category of people that seem...

How Cyber School is transforming the education system with E-learning

“If you want to disrupt any market, you have to create a product that fits these three attributes. It must be cheaper, faster, and...

Uganda and the Age Of Virtual Currencies; What is the Best Possible Response by Government.

The notion that innovation does not wait for regulation or more so the latter is always far behind the former is a reality. This...

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