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Unraveling the Evergreen Ship legal conundrum

The recent crisis in the Suez Canal involving the Evergreen Vessel has raised concerns about it's impact on global trade. The vessel that was sailing...



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My Gavel club experience, how a start-up is grooming an entire generation of leaders through speech.

“Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men.” Plato. The power of spoken word dates back to the beginning of time, “in the...

Modern Feminism; A Well-Meaning but Misguided Crusade

Here’s a cerebral not-so-popular sentiment concerning that cliché subject to which most (if not all) conservative men turn a deaf ear, a thesis commonly...

Youth Advocacy Program Africa Honors World Mental Health Day

In the wake of the International Mental Health Day commemorated every 10th October, Youth Advocacy Program Africa (YAPA), an organization based in Kigali, Rwanda...

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