3 Reasons why Your Business Needs A Copywriter

I shouldn’t have betrayed myself with the title. I was actually going to say you can do it all, dear business owner. You can write, compel audiences to purchase your product, handle your correspondence, create a brand image for yourself, all while handling the development of your product, finances, pitching to investors, seeking customers, and all the novel goals your business seeks to achieve.

Anybody can do those things, no matter who they are. But, here is why it’s not such a great idea: Three words that is to say Experience ,Time ,Skill.

We can end the post there, but what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t explain? Even though I know you already get the point.


Copywriters, simply put, have spent a great deal of their career writing and searching out compelling and marketable content for businesses in diverse industries, including yours. They know what goes and what marketing strategies convert consumers into paying customers.

Some have even provided certain insights to businesses that have helped them build their brand into something enviable.

With the above, I’m having trouble imagining how you as a business owner can function without the services of a copywriter- they are a trove of experiences that you can dig from to build your business-. They save you some rookie mistakes that you may have made, especially with marketing your product.


The creative process of any business takes time. From ideating, to drawing up your business plan, to networking for investors and learning about accounting, finance, recruitment, and human resource management, to scaling. The list is endless. And so is the amount of time you spend doing them.

Sitting to write your own copy will take a lot of time researching and coming up with a unique way to present your product to the market, as well as the various creative knots you will have to loosen before any amount of inspiration can flow.

Time is money, and like money, it should be spent wisely.


The art of copywriting can sometimes look more like a science than a work of art, but when put together by one who has spent time studying it, it will look like art- beautiful, consumer converting art.

Copywriting requires a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, algorithms, marketing techniques to be successful online, alongside some content development skills to produce those words that you see which makes businesses so successful

This skill set my makes it necessary for your business to have great copy that increases your chances of favourable competition online.

One extra advantage is that a good relationship with your copywriter can provide a fresh pair of eyes and insight that your business needs to grow. Their access to a large number of businesses’ operations has given them a great idea of what operations are best, and also tips and tricks to give you a competing edge over others. So, you get an advisor and a writer all for the price of one.

Second extra advantage: Copywriters in 2020 are mostly content creators and apart from writing copy, they are equipped to create content for just about any media your business uses to reach its audience.


Since it’s best to have all your options spread out before you, here’s the downside to hiring a copywriter (and why it’s not such a downside after all):


You are going to spend money. Sorry, but that’s the truth. But, so are those who are going to purchase the product you sell.

If You’re deciding to be frugal, you’re encouraging your potential customers to also be frugal because your hurriedly done copy produces no conversions.


Yeah, it is a con, but only because it will cost you time to do the work that you could easily have outsourced to a copywriter. It will cost you less time to create and understand your business processes so that you can set your business up for success.

Errr… I really cannot think of any other reason why you don’t need a copywriter. So hire one today and high-five yourself tomorrow.


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