Trendsetting Kampala Based Architectural Firm Idrop Cap Launches Official App

Kampala: Uganda’s architecture scene is set for rather interesting developments as renown Kampala Firm Idrop Cap Limited took a first step into app world by officially launching its service on both AppStore and PlayStore. This was at a members’ event at Ntinda Innovation Hub on 28th, November, 2020.

Idrop Cap Ltd was first established by CEO Oruni Walter Isaac in 2013 and is renown for its modernist and futuristic approach to design solutions. A big part of the Idrop Cap story is their commitment to user experience through tech applications and virtual reality giving a unique tour to clients of their potential properties. Idrop Cap Ltd is also hell bent on breaking the monotonous architectural designs in place and have committed to amassing an enormous range of options for diverse price brackets and client budgets. The App is therefore a timely extension of the Idrop futurist culture and intimate relationship with tech trends.

Established for architectural business, the firm has since broadened its services becoming a multi-disciplinary consulting service serving diverse clientele needs. Idrop Cap’s portfolio currently entails additional disciplines of building and civil engineering, land surveying, land scaping services, interior designing among others being run by the firm including agro design projects and land leasing.

The story of Idrop Cap is intertwined with that of its CEO and Founder Walter Isaac who has diligently build Idrop from its earliest days. A passionate and energetic figure, he employs a hands-on approach to management supervising most of the key functions on our projects. He oversees a creative working environment of multi disciplinary talents ensuring they are equipped with the latest technology and well synced with each other through effective communication.

Armed with such a dynamic and motivated team and well reconciled in their mission of setting trends, it is exciting to anticipate what Mr Walter Isaac shall have in stock in the coming times.

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