7 Questions with Rachel Ainembabazi; Co-founder of Reknown Youth-Skills Platform, Qraft Mind.

“Most of the Ugandan youths are entrepreneurial, but most of the business or companies die before their 1st birthday due to lack of business skills like planning, scaling strategies…”

1. Who is Rachel?

My name is Rachel Ainembabazi, a Ugandan by nationality. I’m a social entrepreneur certified by Acumen, a graduate of BA. Social Sciences from Kyambogo University, and a Certified Emotional Intelligence trainer from Alison global learning community also a founder of Qraft Mind Uganda. 

2. What is Qraft Mind? 

Qraft Mind Uganda is a Social Enterprise that helps the youth to discover and achieve their full potential, advocates for community social change by offering Innovative, adaptable solutions with hands-on 21st-century business and digital Skill training. Our Vision is to become a premier youth-led social enterprise accelerating youths’ skills development and mindset transformation for an empowered next generation. My Co-founder is Natukunda Marcella.

Qraft Mind Economic Misfit
A Qraft Mind Training Session

3. How hard was it to start?

Being a youth and self-funded initiative, and most of the team members being employed somewhere else and some having their own business to run, it was tricky to operate as part-time volunteers. We had individual bills and Qraft Mind activities bills to pay so we had to keep our jobs but use our leave days at our workplaces to carry out these Qraft Mind activities which some needed to travel upcountry. As the team leader of Qraft Mind, I resigned from my previous Job after 8months to fully engage in our activities. 

4. How do you operate?

We believe in sustainability and responsibility. We are against hit and run activities that’s why we began small to build consistency and growth. 

Most of the Ugandan youths are entrepreneurial, but most of the business or companies die before their 1st birthday due to lack of business skills like planning, scaling strategies, etc. Also With the African upbringing upset, a few parents guide their children on their career paths, and even in schools the guidance available is non-hands on, not individual-centered it is more of a 2hrs motivation speech in a semester and within a week’s this motivation disappears all they are left with is unclear future goals/targets or career paths.

As Qaft Mind we have developed Human-centered and hands-on training content that we teach to our target users that is -the students and young professionals. 

We have an internal team’s learning culture of;

-24 masterclass in 6months

-Daily 2hrs digital marketing classes

-Planned corporate workshops

5. What are your biggest achievements so far?

Our biggest achievement so far is October 2019 partnership with Africa Code Week we trained digital skills with a career guidance touch to 1,132 students in 16 schools in 3 regions (Karamoja, Kampala, Mbarara) within 2weeks. Our team asked for leave from their workplaces and we divided ourselves to train different regions. Having a Qraft Mind team in  Mbarara(though it was newly formed), it trained the western Ugandan region.

Qraft Mind Economic Misfit
The Africa Code Week was a major success with over 1,000 students getting skilled.

6. What opportunities do you see for the African youth?

There are a lot of opportunities for the African youth but we have to first skill ourselves (sharpen our tools) beyond what the education institutions give us in order to beat the global competition. Also to push & discover ourselves, understand what we are good at, and what interests us individually, what we want to invent or upgrade to a standard value from the available systems, products, and services. if we don’t do this, we shall be blown by every wind that comes our way (becoming professional mediocre). And I advocate for this if we want to have an empowered next generation. 

7. Future prospects? 

Getting across Africa, accelerating youths’ skills and mindset transformation. Creating a youth empowered generation (creative, innovative & very productive )

We want to see the youth pursuing and making better career decisions, becoming better entrepreneurs above all being responsible. 

We see more young people embracing digital technology and this presents great opportunities for the next generation as more businesses will be run on the internet.

Email: qraftmind@gmail.com
Website: qraftmind.org
Tel: +256758709980