Bugembe Janet Navvuga; An Inspirational Ugandan Branding Story with Great Lessons.

A beautifully, virtuously and industriously molded African lady, her character is astounding, her attitude that of a lion, her results as special as the offsprings of an elephant. Bugembe Janet Navvuga is her name. Her Dutch courage registers her as a young ambitious damsel of Buganda roots, she is a special citizen with a spirit of building the nation of revolutionary leaders through mentorship, leadership and entrepreneurship in Uganda. 

Janet was born to a hardworking father who was a banker in 1988. Fortune fell on her laps for her industrious father could ably afford to take her to the mighty Kampala Parents School. It is one of the greatest primary schools defined by not only just excellence but also a rich power of association. It is one of those schools where students of an opulent stature in the country are said to attend.

Seven years down the road, she excelled to the next step on her educational stair flight. She got admitted to another first-class school in a third world state, Gayaza High School. It’s a traditional missionary school that is well known for producing diligent, laborious and hardworking ladies of sedulous character. In her senior three, she was nominated the assistant dormitory coordinator following her active attitude towards house work coupled with her punctuality. This period of serving was of tremendous paramount significance in her journey to self-discovery in areas of leadership. It also enhanced her skills in people management and leading by example. Through her persuasive nature along with the spirit of leading by example, she was able to improve the hygiene, neatness and organization of her dormitory. This managed to shift their position(the dormitory)to a position not so far from the bottom but at least rather not at the bottom any more. This was indeed commendable exhibit of her great leadership.

Bugembe Navvuga Janet Economic Misfit

Later on, at the end of her ordinary level, she was re-admitted to the same school for Advanced level where she offered, Mathematics, Economics, Geography and Fine Art. Here she was appointed the Dormitory prefect for her house. For so long it had been pulling the tail in performance at the bottom of the list among others. She set a goal, strategies and a dream. She then used her persuasive niche to reach each and every house member, she had a dream to have her house to emerge the best regardless of the losing record in the past. She was determined and mobilization was her interest that is; her strength. She worked with her strength, she wasn’t the best vocalist, neither was she superb in sports but mobilization was her ex-factor, she realized it as early as possible. She could sell a fridge to an eskimo. She was as enticing in speech as brother Jeroboam in the trials of brother Jero by Wole Soyinka.


Janet strongly believed that if you want to be a great leader, you need a great team. She called upon a team of girls in her dormitory and sold to them her dream, goal and strategy. Like Napoleon Hill emphasized in his book Think and grow rich, the power of thought and the element of autosuggestion. The dream and goal had to sink to each and every one’s subconscious mind. They had to walk, sit, sleep, think and breathe being the best dormitory. Janet had a self-driving belief that there is greatness in going an extra mile, doing things others aren’t willing to do. She instilled the same spirit in her team. She allocated the team each in their strength well known as specialization of labor in economics and commerce.

Trust you me, if I told you that at the revelation of it all they never emerged the best dormitory, then I will be a liar. As the saying goes hard work pays, indeed it paid earnestly. This is the time her leadership and niche were exposed like an exfoliation dome.

Her Advanced level came to an enclosure. Despite all the hard work in shifting her dormitory at the top and writing history, she believed in the power of personal excellence. She had a father to make proud and most importantly a bright future to fight for. She struggled tooth and nail to make ends meet as far as her academics were concerned. A jack of all trades for sure. She not only tried hard to keep her dormitory out of the tail trail but also to strike her grades to the sky. A couple of months later led to the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education. Where she obtained 24 points out of 25maximum points in MEG/ART/GP. Pretty brilliant right?

The ultimate goal was government sponsorship and most certainly she attained it with a Bachelors of Commerce at Makerere University. This didn’t fall on her laps by luck but she rather worked for it as hard as a worker bee.


Bugembe Janet Navvuga  got a job in her vacation (her connection to the job is a story for another day, it is a long one). She was basically doing sales and marketing which called for persistence, patience and a daring attitude. 

An outstanding vacist she had as always chosen to go an extra mile. In a space of a couple of months she had grown a business that paid her 800,0000 Uganda shillings. 

The same spirit followed her till when she joined campus. She double majored as a student and a business woman simultaneously. Quite tedious right? How did you do it madam Janet? she usually smiles and says, “you can never know if you can swim till you are in the swimming pool.”

In her second semester of her first year at university she had grown a business that paid her 1.5 million Uganda shillings before 2008. She bought her first car at 21 years of age in her second year at campus. The double majoring status both as a student and a business woman hardly gave her time to chill, party and hangout like any other campus student. Janet agreed to sacrifice the enjoyments to build an empire. She was focused, determined and serious about what she wanted in life. Her envisage of successful campus life was in a different dimension from the majority of her peers. She had a Dream chart.

What is a dream chart?