Digital Marketing; An Ex-Factor and a Digital Niche

Its time to start moving on from our ex-girlfriends, the offline marketing and concentrate on our pretty girl friends; digital marketing. Others call it social media marketing however the generic term is digital marketing. This is indeed a topic of tremendous insight, significance and enlightenment.

I am pretty sure it’s not just myself that was completely at sea at the sight of the term digital marketing. To a lay man the term digital brings to thought elements of signals, channels, networking, mobile phones, laptops, among other computerized devices.

What is really marketing in the simplest language to a lay man? 


Imagine an African black gentleman born in the Sub-Saharan Africa with a dream to go to school and to study hard, become an elite citizen in his country. Luckily, he had risen to the high school phase of his educational ladder. The succession proceeded in an arithmetic progression and he indeed made hay when the sun still shone, attained a degree in Business Administration and majored in marketing. He is currently the Head of Marketing of ABSA Bank.

He studied the principles of marketing referred to as the traditional methods of marketing. The technological advancement is escalating so fast and he ought to adhere to the principles of digital marketing for the beauty of his career’s flower petals.

I personally understand digital marketing as availing various goods and services to various interested customers online. Quite a number of people use the internet for cosmopolitan reasons; leisure, business and education. In economics the principle of impulsive demand of a commodity as well gets incorporated in the digital marketing context.

I want you to visualize a college student, who is fond of the snob effect scrolling through his Instagram page in peace. In a nick of time, he lands on a cloth line showcasing debonair snazzily appealing suits, shoes and watches. His prom party is in a few months time, don’t you think the impulsive demand has him under arrest?

Often times the traditional marketing methods won’t be able to reach a particular commodity or service to a vast group of individuals. With the accessibility of the internet today, wouldn’t you believe me if I told you that the number of people who go online every day is still increasing?

‘Areas  of influence’ of digital marketing

Company and Business


At many businesses, their data or information is the most valuable and important asset. According to a study by the Economist, data is the most valuable resource in the world and if the wrong people get their hands on your data, they can do serious harm to your business and your reputation.

Social media profiles are meant to connect people. Digital marketing helps create avenues that link companies and businesses to their target customers online. Literally every company or business has social media pages or media avenues, websites, some go as fancy as youtube channels. This area is of great vitality to a company.

To a company or businesses, social media is more or less its face, image and identity.

The increasing number of people who go online entails increasing customer base. The way people shop and buy really has changed meaning offline marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be. Every company employs an individual, some employ the entire digital marketing company to handle its social media avenues.

Golf sport among other sport businesses


A conversation with a golf trainer the general manager of Entebbe golf club further exposed me to the significance of digital marketing in the golf industry.

“Digital marketing is currently the number one form of marketing, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. The easiest way to understand how important it is to note that most people will pick up their phones when they get up before doing anything else. On a short break at work and when they get back home, they switch on their television sets but spend more time on their phones.” He said. Ugly truth, right?

Banking sector

The influence of the digital marketing industry could not leave out the banking sector, various banking institutions have coped up with digitalization by launching digital channels.

Like any other company does, the banking financial institutions employ individuals to run the media pages, websites and all that.

Why are banks indulging in digital marketing?

As consumers increasingly manage their daily lives digitally, financial marketers must find new ways to reach them through online and mobile channels. Research from Mintel shows that the leading financial firms are Increasingly investing in digital advertising that can support more personalized messaging.

Top brands use Facebook, YouTube and segmented channels. This creates an avenue for banks to interface their customers. The Head of Marketing together with the marketing department of a banking financial institution must have a digital marketing strategy under the entire marketing department.

Political arena


Why do politicians indulge in digital marketing?

Starting from the grassroot, young politicians at colleges and universities tend to indulge in a great deal of digital marketing. This involves the use of social media pages such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn among others. Normally social media influencers / bloggers of student capacity tend to be spotted for they are considered of great potential on the job of “political noise making.”

Because digital marketing through social media is a shortcut to the core of a man’s heart due to the fact that it is personal, so the constant update and creativity on the various web pages such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn among others makes it the quickest way to reach voters. One can reach a million voters in just an hour!

Does this explain the vitality of social media marketers/bloggers among politicians