Digital Marketing; The Past, The Present and the Future

When some one mentions the phrase digital marketing in the midst of a hot elite discussion, what comes to your mind first? Do you have an idea what actually digital marketing is or even its history?

Well according to Avantika Monnapa’s article or you could call it an online write up on digital marketing, digital marketing is the promotion of products and services to targeted consumers. The digital marketing industry has stressed, strained and stretched to reach the peak of the mountain of success through an evolution. 


Did you know that the term digital marketing was first used in the 1990’s?

Some sources say that the first persons to indulge in digital marketing date back to the 1800 however let us check out what facts from various sources have to say about the history of digital marketing.


Many sources state that this voluptuous damsel digital marketing was first used by Marconi Guglieno because he invented the radio, interesting right? Others will claim that the era of digital marketing was launched in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email to himself because nobody else was on email back then. More sources enthusiastically point out Philip Kotler as one of the earliest users of digital marketing. All these parallel facts put us to a conundrum, a hullabaloo and quagmire situation in decision making about who exactly is the Adam of this beautiful Eve, digital marketing. However what is not in doubt is it’s significant relevance in contemporary business.

People an businesses are consuming digital content on a daily basis; very soon traditional marketing platforms will disappear and digital marketing will completely take over.

This can be observed from the trend of internet users over the years up to date.


Some of the reasons that could make digital marketing your favorite girl girlfriend and the traditional marketing an ex-girlfriend are as follows;

You can reach a large audience in a short time period since technological advances have resulted into considerable attrition of the customer base of traditional marketing agencies and departments.

People have moved on to tablets, phones and computers which are the areas where digital marketeers have gained the most ground. Regardless of size and industry, digital marketing offers businesses of all stripes an affordable and efficient way to obtain leads that rivals traditional marketing methods. With digital marketing you are also able to easily track the results of your company inform of measuring impressions, clicks, likes comments, shares, and conversions. 

These performance metrics give you valuable insight allowing you to make informed decisions about your business. Unlike the olden days where you couldn’t alter a billboard, poster or flyer once it is put up, digital marketing enables you to modify your campaign as you go.

In conclusion the future is going cyber, and the number of internet user’s generation wise is running helter-skelter off the traditional marketing methods thus the chances of the growth and development of the digital marketing industry may not wait till cows come back home to get exponential.