How Cyber School is transforming the education system with E-learning

“If you want to disrupt any market, you have to create a product that fits these three attributes. It must be cheaper, faster, and easier.” Those were words of the business mogul and rockstar of public speaking, Vusi Thembekwayo. 

I think everyone needs to understand those attributes especially during such a time whereby most people are starting small businesses for survival. Since schools were closed, people got out of their comfort zone to venture into business. Probably, due to the rise in unemployment. 

But that’s not the point.

Today, we are focusing on how Cyber School is focused and committed to turning children into remarkable contributors through the use of digital tools. I am not going to talk about University students but be more aligned with secondary education. 


Is there still any good news left from our education system?

Everyone sees a dead-end for our brothers and sisters in high school. During the lockdown, different institutions and organizations started running campaigns; “SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED BUT LEARNING MUST CONTINUE.” If you were vigilant enough, you should have seen the Billboards or online Ads. 

Some schools opted to use telegram to send notes to their students. Others opted for zoom meetings to engage with their students. Other schools invested in TV programs to enable their students to keep learning. Does this favor every student out there? A big NO!

Thanks to the government. It realized that most students in villages couldn’t access or afford such means. And it decided to supply radios to them. I have no idea how my 16-year sister back in Kabale will understand the dy/dx over the radio… Anyway, what do I know? If they say, so shall it be done.

I always wondered if technology could influence the amount of money spent on education. School fees increases for every term. You can imagine a child in kindergarten pays 3M per term. That summates to 9M a year- expenditure on education.Learning made easy with Digital Science and Virtual lab software

What means are available for an average household to afford for their child or children. They must be cheaper, faster, and easier. Cyber School offers Digital Science and Virtual Lab software, a computer program based on the Ugandan O-level science curriculum.

It is digitized and covers Physics, Chemistry Biology, and Mathematics. Concepts are illustrated with over 6000 2D and 3D animations, captivating images, and sound effects. 

This makes it easier to explain concepts making them fun and easy to understand, learn, and remember. It’s also packed with over 157 interactive laboratory experiments making it possible for a child to practice as they would in a school laboratory setting. 

At a fee of shs.100,000, the parent is guaranteed a one-year subscription, 100 days of software guidance, and full package content in all key subjects; Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Children no longer need to worry about the progress of their education. They can study according to their own convenience and they also own the learning process.

More so, you don’t need the Internet for installation. All the materials are accessed offline. 

As the world is advancing to the use of technology especially during such a time of Covid19, I expect more investment in E-learning tools to facilitate the learning process of students. And also teachers need to adapt to the use of gadgets; laptops and smart-phones. 

Creating a product that’s cheaper, faster, and easier simplifies the lives of Ugandans. Why? Uganda is still a third-world country with a high dependency burden. According to recent research by UBOS, a working man has a dependency ratio of 1:100 compared to that of a woman which is at a ratio of 1:97. 

Adaption of such means can greatly improve the standards of living of Ugandans. We need solutions that fit our own African problems but exported working solutions from World-class countries.


  1. Digital learning is cheaper and more efficient to a large extent..
    I appreciate fact it will check on the high education costs .

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