How To Grow And Profit From Your Personal Brand During This Pandemic

This season has brought a change to every facet of life. We desire that things will comeback normal but some areas of life will no longer be business as usual. Many businesses are suffering, personal brands are trying to grind, sales aren’t the same anymore. It is of great importance for you as a personal brand to be strategic in your approach, you can’t afford to let your brand drown in the crisis.

You need to understand the market, the people you are serving and what’s the best approach and there four strategic activities that every brand can focus on right now, these strategies are capable to help you grow your personal brand through this season and pandemic.

1) Show up and lead;

During a crisis like this one, many individuals and families are at home, lockdown emotionally and physically. Your ideal client is in this group. These are people you are called to serve. There is no better time to show up and lead, if not now.

People want to have a reason to keep their hope alive, you need them to understand that you are in this too; you are affected, and you are all going to come out on the other side together. As a personal brand you need to leverage this, see this as an opportunity to get their attention, to make an impact in their life. Show up and lead. Communicate with than as often as necessary, don’t hide at the is time.

2) Focus on generating more leads: 

Your focus should be to increase the number of people who know you and your brand. Expand your reach. This is the best time to generate more leads, they will convert if not now, later. You can create relevant and simple courses, e-books, Cheat sheet etc. Ensure that in this time that you have something that you are giving out. Something that will bring value to the people and help you get their attention to your brand. 

One of the things I created at this season is an ebook tilted “The 7 highly profitable future skills and where you can learn them”. I created this ebook to help my ideal clients to acquire relevant future skills and as well learn these skills, be productive at this time and achieve a result. For your brand, what kind of solution do you think will be very relevant to your audience? Create it, attract New people to your brand and add value to them too.

3) Now, talking about value, this brings me to the third point; 

Focus on recreating or creating relevant products. As a personal brand, one thing that your brand needs right now is to have relevant products. When I use the word relevant, I’m referring to what will be of great value now. Not everything will sell now. You need to know how to rearrange, repackage and present your solutions. Focus on products that will be of great value right now. In my area, many designers are no longer making dresses rather they are focusing on learning and making quality indigenous face mask.

And that is the mindset that will move your brand forward, recreate old products or focus on new products that will be relevant to your audience now.

4) Don’t stop selling! Did you hear that? Don’t stop selling. Selling is at the core of your business success.

If you aren’t selling, then you just have an expensive hobby, not a business. This one is a big problem for many personal brands at this time. We don’t want to appear as though we are insensitive, but let share this with you; as a personal brand what you are providing people is a solution, a solution to a problem. Now, you need to understand this and build yourself with this mindset.

If you have this mindset, then you will understand that you are doing whoever that is buying your product a favour, a favour to have a solution to a problem. So You can keep the solutions away, you can’t hide it. To help your clients, you can slash your prices, give a free trial etc. That’s how to support your clients but never stop selling. Never stop selling. 

Recently, a friend of mine lost her facebook account to fraudsters, she had this confidence that they will not be able to defraud her friends; I remember her telling me that people are on lockdown and no one will fall for their lies. How wrong she was, within 48 hours after they had defrauded countless people, those who knew her were calling her to threatening her, thinking she was the one. If fraudsters are still going about with their strategies, why would you who is providing solution be in hiding?

This is the best time to grow your personal brand, show up consistently, attract more people to your brand, recreate your products and keep selling.


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