Interview: 24 Year Old Creek For Christ Foundation Founder, Nvule Emma, Discusses His Journey to Building a Thriving Youth-Led Organization.

“Young people must take up leadership , I’m 24 years old but i lead a foundation of over 20 staff.”

1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Nvule Emmanuel. Born on the 25th of December 1996 and a Ugandan by nationality. I am the founder of the Creek For Christ Foundation.

2. Tell us about Creek For Christ Foundation.

Creek For Christ Foundation (CFCF) started as a CBO in 2018 and was later fully incorporated. It is a faith based organisation that spreads love in the hurting world through giving and preaching the gospel.

Our vision is to create a conducive and a safe environment which will enable all kinds of children achieve their goals and live a purposeful life.

Our main task is to bring children with both physical and learning disabilities together to par with other young people and we do this through our change agent campaigns. 

Importantly, we realized that we can’t help children without considering mothers because who are an important part of their livelihood, so we deliberately engage mothers as part of a wholesome approach to supporting the children.

CFCF also works with persons with disabilities since so many of them don’t have the right infrastructure to live comfortable and productive lives. Unlike lazy rhetoric, we believe disability is neither a curse nor a crime but part of human diversity.

Nvule Emmanuel speaks to a disabled person at an CFCF outreach.

3. Why did you feel propelled to start Creek For Christ Foundation?

I started Creek For Christ Foundation to stand in and stand up for single mothers,  orphans and persons with disabilities.

Having grown up as an orphan, I witnessed so many orphans, single mothers and persons with disabilities go through alot to survive. Therefore as a young man, I encouraged myself to be the stepping stone for such people by coming up with an organisation and that’s Creek For Christ Foundation.

4. What was the most difficult part about starting and how did overcome?

Well the most difficult part while starting off was access to funds. I had to put in a lot of my personal expenses to fuel this and this wasn’t easy as i had personal needs.

I managed to overcome this problem by reaching out to well off people and other generous friends who were glad to support me. 

Additionally, i saved and bought a photo camera for business to support the foundation’s activities. To date, we continue with this venture, and I encourage the reader to consider or make reference to our photography services for photo shoots, baby showers, birthdays , weddings among other functions such that we continue to disadvantaged support people.

5. What do you consider your biggest achievement as C4C?

Our biggest achievement is in the numbers that we’ve so far reached out to and the impact we have made with the limited funds and support available to us.

CFCF Staff at stroll through a slum street with supplies during an outreach.

6. What opportunities do you see for young people?

Young people must take up leadership. Personally, I’m a young person as well (24years) but i lead a foundation of over 20 staff. This explicit proactivity is what will give youth a platform in our country and Africa.

7. On a personal level, what are your key guiding principles?

I do rely on prayer as my number one guiding principle because I’m nothing without God.

I also believe in transparency, honesty,  and discipline.

8. What advice do you have for youth that want to start something but don’t know how to?

1)I encourage them to have their vision written, then later on they can go for action. 

2)Faith and belief that everything is possible is key.

3)Persistence; they should stand on their vision no matter what.

4)Consistence; I encourage them to never give up despite of any obstacles.

9. Where do you see C4C in five years?

I see CFCF going nation wide and impacting so many lives in the next five years by creating small businesses for single mothers, employing persons with disabilities in the CFCF projects, and educating orphaned children that are not able to access school.

10. Personally, how’d you like to be remembered?

I would love to be remembered as a servant of God because whatever thing that I’m doing, God is my driver.

I would also want to be remembered as an strong advocate for persons with both physical and learning disabilities.

To support or learn more about Creek for Christ Foundation, reach out to; or +256 706 152162.

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