Kampala Based Legal Tech Firm Impartial World Launch App to Ease Your Access to Lawyers

Kampala: Impartial World on 29th October 2020 launched its mobile application/website platforms. The Impartial App is a legal tech product offering professional legal services to prospective clients urgently in need of these services by directly linking clients to a class of highly qualified legal professionals who operate at the pinnacle of their respective areas of practice, yielding better results for clients.

We therefore want to make access to legal services convenient. Impartial World is focused on convenience. We are an App and Web platform that enables the user to access professional legal information and services instantly and conveniently. The platform also enables the user to consult a lawyer online, find an experienced lawyer within their radius, and stay informed on their legal rights by watching free info-videos, listening to podcasts and reading legal blogs on various legal issues. Through the platform the user can access legal services, including a list of approved law firms and lawyers permitted to practice the law thereby offering a new way for a client to access legal services and improving access to justice.

“Majority of the people are not able to access justice, the question is what can you do to change the narrative?” says Advocate Alice Namuli Blazevic, Managing Partner at Katende, Ssempebwa & Co Advocates and co-founder of Legal Innovations Hub. “How do you create a platform or tools where so many people are able to access legal services from the comfort of their home?

Digital legal consultation.
Blog articles on legal issues.
Watching info-videos.
Access to lawyers and law firms.

The Impartial App is publicly available on both the google play and the app store for download. For more information on the Impartial World, visit www.impartialworld.com.

About Impartial World: Impartial World is a brainchild idea of a tech savvy vision within the legal realm. The aim is to actualize having an app/website biased towards offering legal services within Uganda with a vision to move within the global space too.

The hypothesis being there is a break down or no clear route between a prospect disgruntled client and an ideal lawyer. Hence the route therein between the 2 not being clearly defined each and every one finding their own way. Impartial world envisions with our innovation, this gap would be bridged.

Problem Statement

The Task Force on Justice launched a paradigm-changing report in July 2019 which contained the outcome of a meta-study into the size of the global access to justice gap.

Today 5.1 billion people – two-thirds of the world’s population – lack meaningful access to justice. At least 253 million people live in extreme conditions of injustice – modern slavery, statelessness, and high levels of insecurity. 1.5 billion people cannot resolve their justice problems – victims of unreported violence or crime, or civil or administrative justice problems they cannot resolve. 4.5 billion people are excluded from the opportunities the law provides.

The report calls for justice that is designed around people and their needs and experiences. People-centered justice includes prevention: how to help people avoid getting into legal problems in the first place? It also urges the sector to embrace innovation to help improve access to justice.

It is on that note that Impartial World came into existence. Our mobile app and website are tailored to provide legal education that helps people prevent or resolve their legal issues, get legal advice directly from a pool of qualified lawyers and get access to lawyers and law firms of their choice.

Subsequently, this will help in closing the access to justice gap and work towards fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goal 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Ntambi Michael Blair Economic Misfit

How Impartial improves on existing efforts

The existing efforts have mainly concentrated on sensitization of the public, the strides taken have not addressed the gaps related to easy access to legal services, lawyers are also grappling with insufficient manpower, funding and technical support to ensure timely delivery to their clients additionally the lack of information on updated legal developments has inhibited meaningful legal representation in court. These are the problems that Impartial is addressing through setting up a convenient online platform which encourages peer sharing of information and gives clients direct access to lawyers.

How our approach is unique and systemic

Through the app and website professional legal services are offered to prospective clients urgently in need of these services by directly linking clients to a class of highly qualified legal professionals who operate at the pinnacle of their respective areas of practice, yielding better results for clients. We simply want to make legal services undemanding and convenient, we offer a platform for both lawyers and clients, it is also an avenue for pro bono legal services and it also provides free audio, visual and print information that can be disseminated easily through social media platforms.

What Impartial is already doing and its tangible results to date

The mobile app was launched last month hence making it live and active. It has helped bring many lawyers and law firms onto one platform, we have been able to give citizens a fast, detailed and effective response to their legal problems and also disseminate legal information to citizens through our blogs on the platform, so in short we have been able to give legal advice and help to all those who have contacted us through the platform.

The writer is a stakeholder at the Impartial World.