Khartoum Based Youth led Initiative brings Hope to the South Sudan Community.

Hope charity initiative is a non-profit initiative based in Khartoum, Sudan. The initiative was established on the 23rd of April 2020 and founded by Chuong Yang and Josephine Gariay.

Almost immediately the initiative was called to action due to the 2020 Covid Pandemic affecting Sudan and the world. The initiative is working on helping South Sudanese people living in Sudan with the equipment for protection against the contracting the novel corona virus and helping the most affected families with food and other needs.

All workers and members of the initiative are volunteers and the organization spends 99% of its resources on providing services and needs to the vulnerable communities in Sudan.

The resources come from donations made by individuals and partners to the Organization.

Hope Charity Initiative hopes to have representatives and ambassadors from every country in the future with the mission of providing services to the South Sudanese people in need and create a united South Sudanese community world-wide that is defined by love, unity, cooperation, and ensure that every South Sudanese national is happy and healthy.

The organizations’ vision is to see a South Sudanese population without poverty and suffering in every corner of the world in the years to come and shall persist in this pursuit  standingon  foundational and core values of commitment, honesty, respect, dignity, and excellence.

Together We Can Defeat Challenges!


The Hope Initiative team at an outreach.
A member of the Hope Outreach team checks out clothes for a child benefactor.

Team leader Josephine Gariay puts up a pandemic awareness poster as part of community project.

Trekking to the community outreach.
Trekking to the community outreach.

Members of the outreach mingle with the community.

Josephine (c) with the Hope Initiative team.

The team with donation items at an outreach.