Meet Precious Dennis from Nigeria; A Young Leader on a Mission to Skill Africa

“…. I googled for the top ten teen entrepreneurs in the world there was no black person except for an African American kid.  I find this simply unacceptable, I want a situation, where you search for something like that and you see teenagers from, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya topping the charts.”

1. Who is Precious Dennis?

My name is Precious Dennis and I’m 24 years old. I’m a Nigerian, from Cross River State. I’m a graduate of the University of Calabar where I studied modern languages and translation studies. I am also a certified digital skills trainee from Google, a makeup artist, and the founder of Get Skilled Africa.

2. What is Get Skilled Africa?

Get Skilled Africa is a non-governmental organisation that believes in the entrepreneurial development of the African teen to prepare and enable them to excel in a tense entrepreneurial world. On this premise, she is out with a vision to build a generation of teen entrepreneurs across Africa via skill acquisition. GSA is on a mission to help reduce the high rate of indolence and other social vices amongst teenagers both in the rural and urban areas. We are focused on aiding the realisation of the 8th goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Why are skills important anyway?

Times are not the same, not any longer does a degree or graduation guarantee a job. While I always thought skills was an inadequacy of those who failed to further their education, I have since departed from this attitude. Skills are way more important; it’s a source of survival, income, a source of fulfillment a distraction from crime, and much more. t’s also a fallback, we know that there’s a high level of job insecurity, a calamity like Covid-19 could mean your laid off. Currently, employers are also assessing skills as top criteria for hiring so as a youth we need re-learn what we perceive as education to include an integration of skills. Truly, we are in the skills age! We are blessed as a generation to have access to information to build a variety of skills. GSA is part of the movement to impart skills in African youth with a focus on teenagers.

4. How did it all start? 

It was first an idea that was jotted on a paper and then turned into a reality.  It was pretty difficult because, first of all, I was scared if I could do this because the purpose looked bigger than me. But by God’s grace, we started in 2019 and gradually we are getting better.

5. What are your biggest achievements?

Our biggest achievements are yet to come, but so far we’ve had a summer program for teenagers, which we called Summer Hub. You are probably familiar with how kids summer lessons are conducted during holidays, that’s how it was operated but this time focused on skills acquisition. This ran for a month and we had four skills; photography, bead making, makeup, graphics designing. We had about 16 teens in attendance. We also do outreach the last was this February, where we went to the orphanage, we went to show the kids there some love as it was Valentine’s Day.

6. What opportunities do you see for the African youth?

There are a whole lot of opportunities out there for the African youths, we just have to get up and take the bull by its horn. Personally, I feel that with the entrepreneurial opportunity we have now, we can use it to our own advantage to break barriers, stop poverty, create wealth. The average African youth like any other youth have the ability to create wealth. We are greater than we think, yes the system is not working for us right now. But we can create our own system, our own world, with our hands especially. That’s why GSA is here to let the teenagers know about the kind of superpowers they have, the kind of things they can do with their hands and their minds.

7. What is the future of Get Skilled Africa? 

GSA hopes to get across Africa, in fact, we will get across Africa, that’s why it is called Get Skilled Africa. We want to touch the lives of many teenagers, especially in rural areas. We want to produce responsible and productive teenagers all over Africa and put these kids on the map! Just the other day, I googled top ten teenage entrepreneurs in the world, no African was in it, except for an African American kid. It is simply unacceptable to me, I want a situation, where you search for something like that and you see teenagers from, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, etc topping the charts. Teenagers grow up to become adults, the earlier we harness their minds, the better chances they’ll get!

Skilling Afrca Economic Misfit
The Get Skilled Africa team shares a light photo moment before an outreach.

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