Modern Feminism; A Well-Meaning but Misguided Crusade

Here’s a cerebral not-so-popular sentiment concerning that cliché subject to which most (if not all) conservative men turn a deaf ear, a thesis commonly termed ‘a scourge of masculinity.’ Yes! That doctrine which ever so loudly advocates for equitable gender rights. Dating as far back as the classic republic of ancient Greece’s Plato, the magnetic outcry has since witnessed successes through erasing silencing factors diverse literature, conferring legality to the cause and wholistic education.

This misconceived subset of egalitarianism simply yearns for the retirement of all gender stereotypes which breed inequality. Arguments have been aligned to highlight a discordant belief that ‘men are stronger than women,’ a statement lacking a qualifier: Most men are stronger than women. In relation to mental health, a commonly forgotten silver lining in this campaign, is women’s ability to prioritize satisfactory psychological and behavioral adjustment as compared to their counterparts who are 100% more likely to commit suicide. This variation usually originates from societal instruction which links masculinity with invulnerability, a ridiculously blemished assertion. Regarding longevity and surviving trauma, a comprehensiveempirical finding by the Gerontology Research Group revealed that of the 43 supercentenarians living today, 42 are women. In addition, cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia affect men more than they do women.

But why embrace the fight for gender balance? Wouldn’t it be better to enjoy the ‘privileges’ of submission especially in an era where the minor battles for eggs and chicken soup have nearly been won? Why not categorise these demands as merely Western based and Eurocentric? Women and girls are more often than not entirely judged basing on their ability to appeal to the man. Such prejudice justifies why prosperous women athletes may be defined by their physiques rather than their praiseworthy accomplishments. Furthermore, ladies are the major sufferers of rape, human trafficking, domestic violence, forced marriage, body shaming, kidnap and the list is endless. In this contemporary ever-changing world, women empowerment is the sole gateway to harmonious coexistence, economic and intrapersonal fulfillment through hard work, self-esteem, optimism and their positive rewards.

But guess what! Feminism, which is factually a threadbare notion has been extensively misunderstood. It is an exaltation of feats that has been shadowed by the sassy extremists’ addictive desire to assume a male role. With this, a mirage ofthe afore mentioned gateway is being arrived at by a victim mentality. Why do we think it is alright for a woman to slap a man? When the reverse happens, all hell breaks loose. When did respect become gender-specific? Even after attaining the greatest honors- multiple doctorates, a more digited salary, the job promotion, latest lamborghini, a wife shouldn’t snatch her master’s role: Gender duties in heterosexual matrimonial settings are conventional.

Pseudo-feminism is the claim which drives self-proclaiming extremists to chant songs of equity while at the same time presumptuously satirising a lady who decides to take up construction work. Are we aware that some boys are also denied education, sexually harassed and violated in their homes? Surely, having only a few of such cases reported and documented does not undermine the severity of the acts.

Repulsion and misguided decrees ought to be replaced with the realization that one must not be the equivalent of a man in order to be one’s best self. Acquiring what you deserve is dependent on your ability to work. Not your anatomy.

And finally a deduction, ‘Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.’


  1. Impressive views have been outlined especially as regards to helping men overcome the stereotype attached to them :that they are invulnerable . This surely could enable gender balance n understanding of one another to prevail in the contemporary society.

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