Order From Chaos; The Death Of Ignorance

Most of the articles I have written begin with the phrase Order from Chaos. Why this name for my series of articles? Many people’s ideas or goals surround the achievement of order in their lives, some sort of utopia where one has a constant flow of income, good relationships, good health etc. While this is a good thing to look to achieve, we forget that it is known that one must go through the darkness of chaos to achieve much of the order we seek, sacrificing the security that we already have to acquire the better that resides within us, especially when surely in your imagination your figurative eyes have caught a glimpse of the bliss on the other side of that something beyond, for it is in Chaos that potential resides as stated in the book 12 Rules for Life. Thus we step into the chaos to achieve a higher order, it’s no wonder we constantly step into various levels of chaos to achieve higher levels of order like entering the chaos that is school to be a better member of society. Jordan Peterson states many a time that chaos in the form of new information challenges a previous conception forcing it to dissolve into chaos before it can be reborn as something better, it’s no wonder that every bit of learning is a little death, a death of a previous conception or idea. The death of ignorance.

Considering faith many constantly debate as to whether the Lord God is real, well, what does that mean, the superordinate principle of course brings to light the fact that your highest ideal is your God, even to the atheists, I have written in passing a few times in the past on social platforms in different words that faith is something that does not depend on the visible, an idea I learnt from Neil Degrasse Tyson that if your faith is something that only depends on the limits of science then you must prepare to have your faith to be constantly questioned considering the fact that every day, strides are being made in science that further explain the nature of the universe.

A few weeks ago I was watching a show called Cosmos on Television and one of the big questions in physics is how photons at the beginning of time spin away from each other but for some unexplained reason if the spin of one photon is disturbed, the spin of the other billions of kilometres away will at that exact time faster than the speed of light also be disturbed, this was the idea propounded by Einstein called quantum entanglement. With such strides in science, it is no wonder that many scientists have had their faith in God questioned. Einstein stated that he did believe in the physical God one who created a world so organised it must have been intentional, though he did have considerations with the emotional or spiritual faith in God. Just less than 500 years ago Galileo as he spoke of the planets and stars only believed in his science as far as he could calculate, beyond that, he described as heaven.

I believe that for faith to remain ever growing and strong we must believe beyond the scientific because God is above and beyond all understanding, miracles are miracles because they don’t follow the natural laws of science it’s thus for this reason that people that believe in God in relation to the facts might not be ready to answer the question as to whether or not they truly believe. Jacob after fighting or wrestling with God according to Genesis chapter 33 is blessed and renamed Israel meaning “those who wrestle with God”, Jordan Peterson clearly speaks about this verse in his lectures and that is why to have faith is not completely about having an undying and unquestionable faith but instead must be one where doubts arise but nevertheless despite all contestations your faith must persevere and continue to be wrestled and contended with, the question of faith is not one that can merely be answered with a yes or no, instead it must be one that is answered with action amidst doubts. What you act out and what you say may be the same thing but in the face of conflict, action is the final determinant of faith.

Malevolence is a sui generis of being human, the propensity to do evil, right now in your mind an evil thought of some kind, sexual, physical etc might have crossed your mind. It is part of the human psyche, the base desires. Probably why many cultures have their gods in response to these innate characteristics, war or rage, power, death, intelligence, sex or lust among others. The question is, can you fight it? Well…..no. But you can be aware of it. Carl Jung propounded the idea of the persona and the shadow, which he describes well in his book the Red volumes vol. 9 discussing archetypes of the collected unconscious containing some of his best work. The persona is the mask you wear to convince the world that you are not as bad as you actually are, while the shadow is the malevolent or dark side of your consciousness, it is the unpleasant revelation of all the things that your persona rejects masking them with etiquette and meekness. A way to notice this form of darkness is in the face of anger and resentment that your mind spurs thoughts so dark you can scare yourself. Weakness thus in my opinion would be in your inability to restrain this darkness, for the bible may say that the weak shall inherit the kingdom of heaven but it more likely means that those who have the ability to cause great harm but instead choose morality, kindness and restraint shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Just recently I have read about some of the bullying girls in a certain school have faced by the boys in that same school, the question thus arises as to where the propensity to cause such emotional harm and to think it right comes from, well my idea is that after the disenfranchisement of the archetype of the nice guy, many men have sold themselves to the idea that nice guys eat last which is quite ironic in that the archetype of the nice guy is actually the meek man who with nothing dangerous about him chooses to be nice and when this does not work, chooses to be the bad guy still with nothing to offer, and thus begins the tirade of emotional abuse and insecure relationships. The nice guy thus should be the man who has a lot to offer society to the extent of being dangerous but instead chooses restraint in causing danger to others, for example the soldier that restrains from bullying the defenseless is more the archetype of the nice guy than the weak man who has murderous thoughts but doesn’t have a gun so he or she pretends to be nice until…. We must contemplate and be aware of our resentment against others and become better.

There is the idea that to understand the reasons for the ways things are, the conditions must be put in place for the people who can give these reasons to rise up( idea borrowed from the anthropic principal in physics). Let the emotional abuse continue being discussed and hopefully with time many who can speak against the present circumstances will rise up and finally it will be a status quo that will come to pass.