Order From Chaos. The Dragon Butterfly

The assumption is that everything you are or have been as an individual in a day is of its own making, thus we take one day at a time. A quote by Ray Bradbury gives an analogy “embedded in the mud, glistening green and gold and black was a butterfly, very beautiful and very dead. It fell to the floor, an exquisite thing, a small thing that could upset balances and knock down a line of small dominoes and then big dominoes and then gigantic dominoes, all down the years across time.” this article brings to light the unlikely relationship between chaos theory and its application with our lives.

The butterfly effect is a common and popular slogan encompassing the term of chaos. The most common metaphor being that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Asia can have a compound effect in influencing a hurricane in America. Now the question is, is it really so surprising that minor details sometimes have major impacts, like how a simple whisper can turn into a full blown school for scandal? I don’t think it is. The butterfly effect gives the idea that things originally seeming to be small may actually be much bigger in effect. A butterfly having a part in a hurricane does makes it more dangerous than it seems, more like a dragon, like smaug the fire breathing dragon in the classic hobbit franchise that causes a change in weather just by its arrival at the mountain of Erabor. Yep, definitely more a dragon than a butterfly, a dragon butterfly…..

Can this idea have application or have any connection to our daily lives? Well here is a theory of two worlds, in this world we are presently in, some dude happened to be on his daily business of picking bats, but then happens to find one that unbeknownst to him happens to be carrying a strain of the COVID-19 virus, he takes the bat to the Chinese wild food market and 150 or more days later….it is what it is. Now I’m not even going to ask why a dude looks at a bat and thinks of hunger because somebody must be asking as well what’s so special about Nsenene (grass hoppers) so…(deep breath) I won’t judge, though I kind of did. One can therefore see the chaos that is birthed in this string of events, that a probably negligible or minor event of eating a bat or so we are told has led to a black kid on another continent to sit at home procrastinating whether to read for a semester he should have finished………… . The second world is one where the bat carrying the COVID-19 strain died peacefully in its sleep having lived a full life doing what bats do and surrounded by its loved ones…. This bat being dead couldn’t have been harvested plus if there was no other viral bat, that would have caused a very different string of events.

Everything we do I believe has a life changing effect on the universe as we know it because everything must be inter related, the current status quo in tweny tweny can prove it. This phenomenon is not only concerning our effects to others or the world around us, but also to ourselves, this is where the idea of habit can be related. Many have heard the advice not in these exact words that, who you are tomorrow can be remotely traced back to who you are today. What you eat, who you meet, all your feats. They are unequivocally related to your present.

Of course it’s possible that some actions are beyond your physical control, for example, if you knew that leaving your home five minutes earlier would have led to you meeting a nice person with whom you might have had a great friendship, somethings of course can’t be as easily determined. Scientifically, this interdependence of stuff would be described best under the term sensitive dependence as described by Leonard Smith in his book “An Introduction to Chaos”.

Why then would all this chaos I’ve been writing about be even necessary if you can’t forecast the things that you can’t control? Where is the Order from Chaos? This chaos enables us to understand and cope with the unstable systems by improving our ability to describe, understand perhaps even try to foresee. If we know that something is the result of one thing then maybe we will be able to do more of that one thing to acquire it. Case in point, using a deodorant in the morning can affect the rest of your day, getting spectacles can make your school life easier, using protection…….

This concept can be described in a 14th century rhyme, “for want of a nail, the horse shoe was lost, for want of a horse shoe, the horse was lost, for want of a horse, the rider was lost hence being overtaken and slain by the enemy”, thus the kingdom was lost because of a nail. An ability to inculcate a small meaningful step may in the end be the step that matters. It’s possible that it’s the small gestures in relationships that make them worthwhile, like a word of encouragement despite failure or mutual respect among friends. I’ve never heard someone say they knew their best friends by what they bought them, it’s probably more of the small stuff, like a good first conversation. It’s possible that all the world is missing from having a perfect society might be just you(yes you) being the best version of yourself. Ask Mandela.

Fes ka fe bang (I don’t know what it means but it looks good there as a thanks… hope it isn’t vulgar) Cheers.