Passion Vs Profession: What is your pick?

Imagine having no idea of what to do with your time on earth and boom the next moment it is all clear to you. You know exactly what you are built to do on this earth.

At times in life, we face a conflict in having to choose the path to follow between passion and profession, whether to follow what the heart wants or what can provide you with more money at the end of the day. We can have a whole day of chat contemplating which of the two sides of the seesaw to jump to but today isn’t a time to ramble.
Let us turn the tables around and instead see how one of the two which is intrinsically rewarding and fulfilling can lead to the other. Yes, let us talk about how to move from passion to profession.

I would like to start this off with a magic trick, simply think of 3 people who you admire or look up to. 3 world top experts from across the globe who have reached that point you wish to reach someday. The next step now is the trick, we have most likely never met but one thing I can assure you even without knowing the names of those world top experts is that if you google search for their biographies they will all have one common thread. This common thread is the one thing they were passionate about and wholeheartedly pursued all through their past.

World top experts we look up to have a strong sense of drive towards the things they do. They look forward to waking up each day to burn in the hours doing the thing they love. Amidst the hustles, they keep pursuing their passions with a burning desire. My big question to you today is do you know what you were built for?

 Do you know your passion?

Let us look at one interesting story of a man that turned his passion for drawing cartoons into one of the biggest media companies we see today with a net worth of nearly $130 billion and that is Walt Disney.
When he was four years old, he and his entire family relocated to Marceline, Missouri where he developed his love for drawing and art. After four years in Marceline, their family moved once again to Kansas City. Here, he took art classes on the weekends and even traded his drawings to his local barber in exchange for free haircuts. During his high school years, he studied at the Chicago Institute of Art at night and also became the cartoonist for his school newspaper.

After graduation, he wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist but couldn’t get a job so his brother, Roy O. Disney a businessman and banker got him to work at an art studio. It was then that he learned animation and begun creating animated cartoons. This was in 1919 at the Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio. From there Disney worked at Kansas City Film Ad Company where he made commercials based on cutout animation. He began experimenting with a camera doing hand-drawn animations and decided to open his animation studio. In 1923 this studio closed due to bankruptcy and he then decided to open a new one which is the Walt Disney Studio’s we see today.

Now that is one amazing story of how one turned his passion into a profession over time. Our daily interactions with the outside world trigger interests which we can foster into passions. With tones of effort and deliberate practice over time, you can turn this passion into a skill.

Once you take the step of choosing to pursue a formal training course or education learning program in that field of passion then you are on the path of turning your passion into a profession. So what are you waiting for to kick start on your journey of Passion to Profession, don’t wait for your 60s and 70s to do what you love and reach your full potential?

Start now because in the end, you will discover your purpose on this earth, and in case you feel you need an extra push to make this set reach out to me on Twitter (@Edmund88W) so that we can kick start the journey of introducing YOU to YOURSELF.


  1. Effective living is where passion meets profession, getting paid to do what you love. Very enlightening.

  2. Wow this is so good am full of encouragement. After reading this I feel am too late to follow my passion. Thanks.

    • Thank you for appreciating Edward and it is not too late. You can choose to start now during this lockdown by using it to analyse yourself. Reflect on your interests and milestones to date to gain a way forward.

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