Putting Yourself Under the Spotlight this Lockdown

Everything during lockdown seems to be moving much slower and deviating from the normal trend but this also gives us quality time to press the pause button to rest and focus more on ourselves. Most of the time we are always in the rush of events possibly work, school, friends, and engagements but rarely seat down to analyze ourselves to find out what makes us tick in life. We do not give ourselves time to listen and understand what kind of environments we enjoy working in and where we draw our energy from. I got an opportunity to share some insights concerning this on an Instagram live stream of Tubayo Travel Company where I presented three simples things we can do in this lockdown for us to better understand ourselves.

The world-class experts and successful people we look up to have a strong sense of emotion and drive towards the things they do because they have full knowledge of who they are, their strengths and passions. They wake up every morning eager to pursue their passion and work because they discovered how they best operate and what they are built to do in life. Here are the three steps I shared which can enable you to better understand yourself;

1. Reflect
Take off some time to remember and reflect on your past achievements times. Times when you were recognized for any achievement probably it was a music competition, high school debate, sports marathon, dance competition, essay writing, chess whatever moment it was pace it down on paper. If there is a talent or skill you have discovered about yourself even the better write it down too. The main aim of this is to clearly identify we love from time back.

2. Ask
The second step is simply asking a few trusted people in your circles about the strength they have seen in you to date. Most likely during this lockdown, you are with close relatives or your parents at home who have seen you grow all the way from birth to point you said your first words. You can also ask a few trusted friends who you are sure will tell you the truth concerning your strengths. This is part of one amazing psychological tool called The Johari’s Window that was made in 1955 and used primarily in self-help groups and corporate settings.

Edmund Walusimbi Author at Economic Misfit

In this second step, we are mainly looking at the blind section to get information concerning the strength people around us know to better understand ourselves.

3. Personality testing
The final step is taking a short 16 Personality test. The 16 personality test isn’t an academic test but rather one that will analyse your personality and describe you in 4 letter characters. This test will be able to inform you whether you are an extrovert or introvert, it will inform you if you make decisions basing on logic or feelings. When you get your results you will be astonished by their accuracy and will wonder if the people behind the test were spying over you for the past ten years.

With those three reboot steps of reflecting, asking, and taking the step to discover your personality you will be able to understand your interests much easier. Over time if you choose to take up these interests you can foster them into your passion after the lockdown by allocating them more time. If you eventually choose to go further into this passion with specialised knowledge then you will be at the point of transforming it to a useful skill you can earn from. The journey may sound smooth in this article but it isn’t so in reality though in the end is worth it doing what you love.

Let me wide up this article with one interesting story of a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter called Ed Sheeran. He is well known for hits like “Thinking Out loud”,” Shape of you” and ” Perfect”.

Ed Sheeran pic Economic Misfit

Ed Sheeran began playing guitar from a young age and at 11 he met singer-songwriter Damien Rice backstage at one of his Rice’s Shows which gave him more inspiration. Rice told Sheeran to write his own music and he did just that the next day. He even began recording and selling his own CDs, he soon put together his first official EP, The Orange Room.

At age 14 he headed to London for summer with his guitar, a backpack of clothes and his musical career started but it wasn’t until 2010 that he made his musical leap to the next big level when it came via online media. Sheeran had learned to use online media with great effectiveness, a video he posted online got the attention of Example, a rapper and Sheeran was asked to go on the road with him and be his opening act which led to larger online base. In that same year, he linked up with Jamie Foxx on his Sirius Radio Show. Soon afterward in January 2011, Sheeran released yet another EP, this record reached second on the I-tunes chart and was his last as an independent artist. Atlantic Record signed him up that same month.

Now that is just one story of interest to passion to skill for someone who discovered it quite early and decided to take big board steps to pursue it. Whatever age you are at now in life you can take a step forward in this lockdown to search within using those three steps and hopefully in the end when things are back to normal choose to embark on the interests you discovered about yourself.