Shamim Nabuuma a 24 year old Breast cancer survivor and a Social Entrepreneur popularly known as “Mama Cancer”

“One of the reasons I started this business and my lifetime commitment is to fight cancer until my last breath ” Shamim N.

Tell us about yourself?

I am Nabuuma Shamim Kaliisa ( Commonly Known as Mama Cancer in Africa ), Shamim is a 24 year old Breast cancer survivor, a Social Entrepreneur, motivational speaker & Female Netpreneurship Advocate. Shamim Nabuuma is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Chil AI Lab Group Of Companies a combination of Technology-Driven Companies in Tele Health, Agri-Tech, Fin-Tech, and Drone services. Her love for technology and inventing female favoring Innovation has not gone unseen by Both National and International players. Early 2020 Nabuuma Shamim was Named a Forbes Africa 30 under 30 and was the first Young Ugandan below 30 years to Appear in the Forbes cover Photo , In 2019, Shamim was awarded with an Honorable mention during Maathai Impact Awards. In the same Year 2019, Google for startup Identified and Named her among the leading CEO in machine learning guided companies to take part in the Google Pitch drive to Asia. In Late days of 2019, the United Nations also chose Nabuuma to speak about the Importance of embracing Local Innovation in achieving SDGs during the TICAD7 Event in Japan. Takeda Foundation Japan also came to know about her work in Africa and awarded her with the Takeda Young Entrepreneur award 2018, Regional University forum in Partnership with MasterCard also recognized Shamim zeal with a Young African Entrepreneurship Award 2018. Other Awards and Prizes Won by Shamim Include the Social Impact Award 2018 by Awief, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Grant 2018.

What was your turning point?

I am a survivor of breast cancer and all my business rotates around the fact that I passed through a lot of pain both Physically, Emotionally, and Financial Pain.I can give you an example of why I chose to develop the AI Cancer Tele-Oncology Platform.

I was lucky that my cancer was detected when I was in University, and I was treated from Mulago. This made me ask myself what happens to women living far away from hospitals.The smart card saving card, while I got treatment, I saw how hard it was for me to raise money to carry out periodic reviews. This made me think of an innovative way to help women remotely save for their healthcare.

Which people have been most significant to your journey and why?

I cannot forget Tony Elemelu Foundation, when everyone could not believe in me, the foundation believed in me and offered me a $ 5,000 grant.

What is your biggest milestone so far?

Seeing what I started when everyone in Medical school was under looking being used in now 9 countries in Africa is my biggest milestone. As I speak all my companies have a total of 651,000 customers across Africa.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

I don’t have that person who inspired me apart from myself. I  want to be myself and I always want to do it my way.

What values drive you every day?

I never give up, whether everyone is against me, I always move like a lioness 

What opportunities do you see for the youth out there

The Internet is the biggest opportunity of our generation. We can do anything on the internet with us.


Any advice to your fellow youth?

Don’t do what I have done and succeeded but rather do what you have passion for. To me, one can not succeed unless they do love what they  do. If you do something or business just because you have seen Shamim do it, you will just do for the sake with no Love

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I always like Looking at how will those impacted look like. A world where women and girls across Africa can screen for cancer any time and those who test positive will have access to treatment all through our machine learning Tele-oncology and I think 10 years from now there will no one dying of cancer of breast or cervix in Africa.


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