Ssentamu Means Hope

You are an enlightened thinker. You tapped the link anyway. Now, let us have this discourse on hope. Hope is loosely a confident expectation of something. Its strength is the strength of the person’s desire. Purely. Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but rather the certainty that a good outcome therefrom makes sense. Logically, something only makes sense if its somewhat pragmatic. Once pragmatism is in the picture, thanks to epistemic arrogance, hope must then be a certainty. So I do think there is hope in logic but no logic in hope. Many of you are rational individuals and that blinds you to the actual end of the realism continuum you’re sitting. That is why so many extremists live in denial. I will thence appeal to your logic, because there is hope in logic. Look at this:

 Albert Einstein was a total Man, at least his women could agree with me on that. He is one of the most celebrated theoretical physicists whose life’s work has greatly shaped the future of humanity, specifically to do with space colonization, let alone undermine the works of those scientists that came before him -Scientists like to prove that their predecessors were jokers. The laughter that ensues, if you didn’t know, is actually perceived as the climax of anyone’s scientific journey, save for a Nobel Prize. Einstein was a genius. Everyone and their uncle know that. Einstein scored 150 in an IQ test. His son even agreed to have the father’s brain preserved for experimentation and bench marking. This guy was magical to say the least. Einstein however, came from a nasty background just like Pablo Picasso. Through sheer will and grit, this caliber of humans moved the world. But I can not say the same about the background of say Wolfgang Mozart the great Composer, Bill Joy the Grand Uncle of the Internet, Bill Gates the most famous Billionaire or even Richard J Oppenheimer, the rogue scientist who made the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. The latter men had it rather smooth, chilly and nice. Well-off parents that paved the path for them, strong family connections that got them leaping from opportunity to opportunity until they became something. Clearly we can not also undermine their determination to become icons, because so many are in the same position but then end up couch husbands.

Fast forward to a man named Christopher Langan. This guy started talking at six months, not years. I wonder what he had to say! Chris taught himself how to read at age 3 and by age 16, he could peruse through the Principa Mathematica in that Kyle XY style. Chris Langan is the smartest man alive today with an IQ of 195. That is about 30% ahead of Albert Einstein but the former bouncer may never get to smell a Nobel Prize for the works of his life. That has nothing to do with his laziness but wholly with; the fact that his mom was too ignorant to apply for a Scholarship extension and that he had no one to open doors for him to prove himself too so he got somethings wrong along the way. No one can ever make it out alone. Steve Jobs lived on the same street with HP engineers and that got him the edge to study and later dominate the world of computer parts. Bill Gates spent sleepless nights in the computer room blah blah. The Beatles spent countless nights performing away in Germany before mastering their craft. Today, Chris Langan is just a farmer working his head around the Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe.

 Many of us find ourselves in such uncomfortable situations where we get stuck between what we want and what we actually have that could get us to where we want. One must have pieces in one’s puzzle that overtime lead to any dream, if held onto long enough. Years before Jewish Wall Street Law firms became a thing, their white-shoe counterparts from ivy league schools could not even look their way except when outsourcing cheap divorce proceedings as work they did not have time for. This did not last long though. The financial scene changed in the 60’s and 70’s which paved way for aggressive investors with hostile takeovers and proxy battles -an industry that reached a quarter of a trillion dollars. Fortunately enough for the Jewish lawyers, litigation and proxy battles had been a skill they’d been refining over the years in their basement one-roomed law firms, alongside divorce proceedings of course. When the time came, these firms exploded. Look at firms like Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom.

 So why all this hullabaloo about mental giants when the text is titled hope? That is my point anyway. We are trying to cement the mindset that good things can come out of nothing and that the reverse is also true. The story of a ghetto kid who can now stand and command millions and millions of passionate support and respect is one of favor and hope amidst misguided logic. The future is abundant and once you manage to break that shell off your eyes, you will see that. Own your set of circumstances but mostly, own your country!