The Makerere University Economics Society

Good morning Friends and alumni of the mighty Hill Makerere University specifically the School of Economics . The Makerere University Economics Society looks forward to equip and empower gallant economists through seminars, conferences, debates and exposure to and focusing on topics in sustainable economic development . With a  Vision of being a very resourceful association for fostering Economics supremacy inclusiveness, independence and national development. Its mission is to strive to mobilize and unite Makerere University Economics students and Alumni to have a joint contribution to the nation’s economic development

The aims and objectives of the society are :

  1. To foster the interaction of the members of the Society at all levels for the purpose of enhancing and amicable academic and social relationship.
  2. To foster interaction between the various universities both nationally and internationally.
  3. To coordinate students to the administration on the issues of industrial training.
  4. To handle and forward students’ interests to relevant authorities.
  5. To enhance the forum for research for the students, soliciting scholarships and material assistance to meet the needs of the members where applicable.
  6. To create a link between lecturers and students, students and students, students and alumni. This will help in solving academic problems of students.
  7. To create awareness about employment opportunities after university by ensuring interaction between qualified people in various fields with students

Professor Edward Glaeser says that cities attract smart people and when you be around smart people you also become smart.


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