The Subtle World of a Modern Construction Manager

Who is a construction manager? What does a construction Manger do on site?

Many times when we talk about construction little do we think about the various stake holders involved in this whole process of construction. Construction is basically erecting a structure into existence from the substructure to the superstructure. The substructure involves parts of the foundation and every thing that exists below the ground whose main objective is to provide support for the existing building. The strength of a building is actually determined by the strength of the sub structure.

A construction manager is more or less a supervisor of the whole construction process. He or she ensures that all the work at the site is going on progressively well as per the plan. The whole construction chain that is the project is an interesting one.

It all starts with the client who has a dream. This dream is sold to the architect who ensures that the client’s dream is brought to life. The architect draws a plan of the dream of the client on paper. The architect then meets the client and shows them what they came up with and ensures if the client buys the idea.

The architect then goes ahead and gets a quantity surveyor. The quantity surveyor and the architect select a civil engineer to work with. After that, the civil engineer, architect and the quantity surveyor ask the interested available contractors to apply for the job and there the best is chosen out of all those that applied. The quantity surveyor basically is objected to do the bills of quantities and taking off of the structures.

The contractor then starts on the project who will ensure the following is put in place, the hoarding of the construction site, the construction sign post is put in place, ensures there is a kitchen, a toilet, ensures availability of safety equipments like the helmets and boots for the workers, among other items. There is a very important personnel called a construction manager who ensures the safe running of the entire construction process.

The manager ensures quite a number of requirements to be in place for the success of his work. The irony of this construction field is that so many managers have done this job without actually professional qualification of either a degree or a master.

A manager needs to have his drawings in check. This comes in after the assumption that the manager is a professional and qualified construction with a degree or at least a masters in management. The manager should be able to interpret the drawings of the entire project.

A good construction manager is supposed to have an idea on the various engineering departments like the likes of civil engineering, electrical and mechanical among others such as cost engineering. Professionalism should be highly considered by the manager so as to ensure principles like timekeeping. A good construction manager need a lot of the interpersonal relations because he or she deals with people and all the people that are employed by the contractor to ensure the work is done, these include the carpenters, painters, builders among others.

The construction manager needs to have adequate knowledge on the various construction works, technology and materials, the strength of materials. The entire construction technology, the various tests of the different materials, the shoring, underpinning, scaffolding, among others the manager must have adequate knowledge.

The manager should be able to coordinate well with the other professionals involved in the project like the architect, quantity surveyor, and the engineers which is a call for wide exposure and flexibility.

All that a construction manager indulges in is management work. This calls for the entire knowledge on principles of management, project management among others. This puts a manager in a position of a leader spearheading the construction process. He is supposed to ensure that the contractor is doing the work promptly and excellently, the architect is doing the monitoring of the plan flow, the drawings are being interpreted well and the structure is following the similar flow in the paperwork and that the quantity surveyor is doing the bills of quantities efficiently, the builders are being paid well.

In a nutshell, a construction manager that is professional, qualified with at least a degree or masters degree in construction has all professionalism coming handy within the degree years of study.