Two Makerere University Students Release Web Based Covid-Risk Assessment Tool

A team of two students from Makerere University released a new web-based activity risk assessment tool today, COVID Can I Do It? to make information on the risks of contracting coronavirus while undertaking daily activities during the pandemic more accessible and actionable. The development fostered by Mpaju David and Byamugisha  Joseph of Medical School has been in collaboration with their colleagues from Columbia University.

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COVID Can I Do It? rates each activity on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being a low-risk activity and 5 being a risky activity.

Ratings were scientifically generated basing on three parameters; Physical distancing, Number of People, and surface contact

COVID Can I Do It? currently includes the most common activities submitted by respondents to a public survey of everyday activities.

By sharing some additional information with COVID Can I Do It?the tool can provide additional, personalized suggestions for individuals who are likely to have more severe outcomes of COVID 19 infection. This information includes age, pre-existing medical conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus among others.

The tool can also give information about how crowded and busy a given place is by day and time.

For more information about COVID Can I Do It?, please email

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