Ugandan Innovator sets up DolphinFund, a community driven funding platform for COVID19

A Ugandan Innovator has set up a crowdfunding platform that is aimed at alleviating some of the challenges introduced by the COVID19 global pandemic. 

In order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, several restrictions have been put in place by the Uganda government similar to interventions by other governments all over the world. As schools, worship centers, factories and businesses have closed down for an indefinite length of time, many are finding that they are faced with uncertainties regarding their ability to weather the financial aspects of the lockdown. A large number of people depend on daily income to afford food, accommodation, and other basic necessities of life. 

The Uganda government, through the COVID19 National Taskforce, is working to provide food and basic supplies to some of the neediest members of the community. 

It is against this situation that a Ugandan tech innovator, Dickson Mushabe has launched a community driven platform that enables individuals and organisations to raise funds for worthy causes. 

DolphinFund is an internet based crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to set up accounts, describe the need for which they are raising funds and invite others to contribute to it. The platform can be accessed at

Funds are donated through a cashless payments and collection system powered by the internationally recognised and licensed payments company Flutterwave. Through this transaction system, donations can be made using mobile money or credit and debit cards. The funds collected are then transferred to a bank account or mobile money wallet specified by the fundraiser.

The DolphinFund platform is a Ugandan product, built with a deep understanding of the Ugandan ecosystem and dynamics. Account funds will be denominated in Ugandan shillings. However, donations can be received from both local and international sources. 

Built with innovative technology, the platform includes capabilities for people to represent communities or other individuals that are not able to access the internet themselves. 

A DolphinFund fundraising account is free to set up, and the small management fee charged is only collected if one has been successful in fundraising.  

The platform has robust verification and due diligence processes in order to guard against possibilities of fraud and other misuse of the service. 

Although the inspiration behind the platform was to help those affected by COVID19, DolphinFund platform will remain operational even after the coronavirus restrictions are lifted as it is expected that it will take some time for businesses and other sources of livelihood to get back to normal. 

DolphinFund can be accessed at