Untamed Greed – Covid19 Crisis Should Not Become Smoke Screen for Unjustified Access To Ugandan Tax Payers/Public Funds. (Concerned Citizen Response)

If what is being alleged is true, then some of these so called people’s representatives in the Ugandan Parliament are disgraceful self seekers. It demonstrates this arm of Government as out of touch with the mood of ordinary Ugandans, would be seen as greedy and opportunistic in the way they seek to access public funds at a time of national crisis for unjustifiable purpose.

It is worth noting that the President and relevant Cabinet team have so far managed this crisis admirably and updated Ugandans regularly and transparently. The Executive (President and Cabinet), Prime Minister’s Office, Covid19 Task Force,  Ministry of Health led by the graceful Hon. Jane Ruth Aceng and Security Authorities. The media and entertainment industry has showed great solidarity too, an example is Bobi Wine and Fresh Kid, among others using creative arts to send messages of hope. Private citizens, too have played their part , been cooperative in their own capacity have and continue to do excellent sensitisation  of Ugandans on how to stay safe during this Covid19 Pandemic, an example is the how the citizenry have united behind the culture of washing hands. 

In the light of the above display of excellence and cooperation, one wonders what other sensitisation is required costing UGX10 billion as alleged. Enough of the rampant, greed and abuse of Uganda (Tax Payers/Public Funds). The only extra public funds spend I suggest and request the President should urgently consider,  sanction and spend are:- 

Firstly, to provide food to all Ugandan households for at least the next 4 weeks (21 days, 1 week extra, time to allow people allow to start earning). Many people not considered vulnerable are hungry, some are already starving. Matters concerning food security are as important as any form of security in this crisis. Any supplementary funding requests by the government should prioritize this matter. 

Secondly, funding to airlift home Ugandans being mistreated in China. Racist attacks from Chinese on our citizenry for sheer racial sentiments is an attack on our national dignity and how we respond will go a long way in creating a patriotic stand.

As a citizen, i am thankful for the job well done so far by the executive arm of Government who have clearly demonstrated that they get it and genuinely care about the health, well being  and safety of all Ugandans. The executive and team have shown refreshing levels of transparency that has impressed even normally sceptical Ugandans, who generally tend to think of Government as out of touch with, uncaring of the needs of ordinary citizens. For example during this Covid19 crisis, where corruption were alleged/identified in the food procurement process, suspects have been promptly arrested and will in due course be prosecuted. Where Security Services were alleged to have been heavy handed, e.g., beating members of the public, entering people’s homes, it was acknowledged by Senior Leadership and culprits have been promptly reigned in and the President openly spoke out against and discouraged such practices!

All in all so far a job well done by the Executive Arm of Ugandan Government and relevant agencies. However we must keep  watch and guard against opportunistic greedy lot, who would seek to use this national and global crisis to steal public funds, hard earned tax payers money.

G Kibwola-Gibbs (Son of Pamach)

The writer is Ugandan Technology Consultant

Hon. Jane Ruth Achieng, the Minister Of Health has thus far displayed a great degree of excellence in handling the covid-19 crisis.