Why Africans Should Be Worried About Western Vaccine Experiments.

The recent Televised Show with French doctor Jean-Paul Mira and researcher Camille Locht discussing a possible vaccine test in Africa caused a universal outrage so intense that it prompted the doctors to send in apologies. Several celebrities called out the indignfying insinuation notably Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto’o. Clearly this was not an isolated scenario, rather a long underlying sentiment and mistrust on Western human biological activities particularly vaccination in Africa. 

On the one side, the Western world and global health philanthropists like Bill Gates claiming a purpose driven motive to promote world health and on the other hand a distrusting yet vulnerable African population. While there is justification for vaccination and it’s powerful and significant role in human health. It is an inherent survival instinct that Africans question motives and they are right to be pose questions. It would be over-trust or inferiority complex(Stockholm syndrome) for Africa to never question any biological experimentation on its peoples and yet still we know the dangers of unchecked power.

We therefore ought to be open to examining and acknowledging certain factors that could inform motives (if any) of mal-biological activities towards the African people and in that regard i explore the dynamics of how history has intersected with human biology in line with power. In otherwords, while the African outcry and show of solidarity in the corona vaccine scenario are calls for dignity of Africans, there are bigger questions like; why has this sentiment been going on for so long? could there be an underlying sustained motive against African population (biological attack) and if so what could be informing this motive? and finally could we find some answers in history and ascertain trends?

The outrage about corona virus testing was universal and attracted icons like Didier Drogba (left) and Samuel Eto’o (right) who voiced their disgust about such human biological programs.

Population, Power and Civilization (The bigger picture)

History serves a timeless role in helping us understand the nature of contemporary occurrences. As commonly said, the more things change the more they stay the same. One trend of history is that the wheel of civilization keeps turning, be it Nefertiti of Egypt or Genghis Khan and the Mongols, to the Great Mansa Musa, the Aztecs of Meso America, to Great (not so great anymore) Britain, the wheel keeps turning giving every civilization a chance yet still moving on when smoothly to the next. Seemingly, the laws of nature never allows for eternal dominance. We are an opportune time to witness this dynamic as behold our eyes we witness the Chinese pick the relay barton from the USA. The former blossoming with high aggregate savings, cheap and hardworking labor, a great skilled population, global dominance through the Belt and Road Policy and the latter struggling with an increasingly rebellious millennial population, an aging population, disease, addiction, obesity, poor health and education systems. The takeover seems inevitable.

But why do nations rise and fall, and yes, there are several reasons from military prowess, to industrial output and GDP, et cetera, but there’s one factor we all too commonly forget, the human biology of it. Without doubt lowest common denominator of society is it’s people and the inevitable rise and fall of civilization starts from there. 

The cycle of civilization is inevitably synched with the biological fiber of its humans. Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant, “Life must breed, nature has no use for organisms which cannot reproduce.” Every civilization will soon be cancelled by excess of births to deaths and yet while medicine, sanitation and charity keeping the the other weaker civilizations alive to multiply and take their turn. In the United States the lower birth rate of the Anglo-Saxons has lessened their economic and political power; and the higher birth rate of Roman Catholic families suggests that by the Roman Catholic Church becoming the new dominant force in national as well as in municipal or state governments is no coincidence. Historically, in the power dynamics between the Greeks and Romans, Emperor Julius Ceaser in 59 BC famously rewarded families with many children and going as far as refusing childless women from wearing jewelry in public while birth control spread through the Greek upper class hence naturally dominating the Greek.

Africa, the future and why it is a possible threat.

Juxtaposing to Africas situation, it is clear to see why Africa would attract a human biological attack. Africa as we know it, has has been on the wrong side of the civilization cycle for the last 500 years. From slavery to colonization to being divided like a cake in Berlin, the inhumane tortures as in Congo, the economic exploitation, manufactured coup de tats, and the very present neo-colonialism, we can say it hasn’t been a smooth ride for the continent and it’s dwellers. However, this is not the case anymore, and partly because Africas oppressors are no longer as powerful and Africa is nolonger as weak.

Africa has one of the highest birth rates, a very young population, and the Western World probably knows this. As per Population Reference Bureau (PRB), 9 out of 10 of the countries with oldest population are in Europe including France and in the same vein 10 out of 10 and 26 out of 30 of the countries with youngest populations are found in Africa. These statistics are not to be taken for granted. It is no wonder that Italy and Canada have revised immigration laws to attract younger peoples and Spain has introduced the Ministry of Sex to try and steer up things.

China for example has thoroughly tormented Western sense of might because of the young skilled blood flowing through its veins and yet no far behind them is a young and energetic Africa with similar characteristics just waiting for its turn. The Asian tiger countries have displayed in the last 40 years that Africa might not be as far from accelerated development as it seems. It is therefore a realistic threat to contemporary western civilization. Deliberate biological manipulation of African population to halt its rapid growth would therefore serve to halt any challenges from its people’s and probably to postpone the inevitable rise of the continent.

26 out of 30 of the worlds youngest populations are found in Africa. Is this an asset in the wake of the aging Western population?

Therefore there is reason to worry about Africa’s population and there hasn’t been a shortage of accusations of biological attacks ranging from the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and Congo to sterilizing of women in Kenya. True or false, Africa must continue to question the components of biological insertions into its people not for the purposes banning of vaccination but rather that higher standards be maintained not only regarding  manipulating vaccine content but also procedural factors such as quality storage  and trained handlers.

African solidarity in regards to human biological experiments creates a unified shield and brings our usually porous governments to higher standards.

The governments should further be pressured to develop our biological capacities (and yes we can!) as in the recent Ebola breakthrough by Congolese Doctor, John Jacques Muyembe of the Congo National Institute of Bio Medical Research.

Finally, there is no quick fix to this but a more knowledgeable society and an Africa aware of its place in civilization, will definitely require higher standards of authorities and this will push any biological degradation motives to a tight corner allowing only proper vaccination and tests. Africa in the current course may yet still, need vaccination from the West and it is encouraged to partake, but a continued call for standards by Africans will hold the establishment to high standards and where suspicion arises to account. 

As the Russians say,

              ‘TRUST BUT VERIFY ‘